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Danielle The Happy Medium

The Odd Bod School Of Mediumship, with Danielle The Happy Medium, is proud to offer a unique educational experience, which includes an in-person option or an online option. Courses have been personally designed by Danielle and are designed to enhance the intellectual and personal growth of all students. We promote participatory engagement in all aspects of Mediumship Development, the science of Mediumship and the healing aspects of Mediumship. Our methods are unique and produce results.


We have two sides to the school.

The first is an in-person opportunity in the Durham Dale of the North East of England! The first Mediumship & Psychic development school of it's kind in the area.

The second is brand new for 2021 - ONLINE! Due to changes in the world (covid), we - like others - moved our courses online and most spaces are sold out quickly. You can train from anywhere in the world with a Zoom account. These are not pre-recorded videos that you follow at your own pace, all of the Odd Bod Mediumship courses are taught by Danielle with live, in-person mentorship. You will be personally interacting and taught by Danielle, the Happy Medium. 

While other online training courses might give you an hour or two of the instructors time per month, every class is an in-person class with Danielle.

Additionally, at the physical school, the courses are taught by Danielle, along with a select few of her mediums who have been brought along and who exhibit the high standard of mediumship that Danielle holds herself to. There are guest tutors and more importantly, in person camaraderie and support for your growth as a Medium.

Find Danielle on social media on Facebook @OddBodMediumship and on Instagram and on YouTube.


Take a look around and email with any questions you might have. Have a great day!


"It's not your fault, nor is it the spirit world!
Your development as a Medium is NOW and you are right where you need to be." -Danielle


The Odd Bod School Of Mediumship always has its doors open. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions regarding our academics, events, students, staff or anything else.

Stunning cottages set in the Durham Dales, UK

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