The Odd Bod School of Mediumship Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. The collection and use of Information


1.1 The Odd Bod School of Mediumship is committed to protecting your information and privacy across all forms of service in relation to and including but not restricted to the website, bookings, social media, email, telephone readings. Any information collected by the company is sole to be used for the booking process, information validation, and marketing. Your information will not be shared with anyone other than that of internal departments to help improve our services. We will only use your information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Your information will not be shared, sold, or rented to other than as disclosed within this policy agreement. During the processes of booking we will only ask for the following information;


Your Full Name and Address

Contact Telephone Number

Your Email Address

Card Details for the transaction


1.2 You will not need to register for an account with us, therefore, we will not store any information for longer than a period of six months after the service has completed.


2. Cookies


2.1 We may use cookies to enhance the service provided on our website, to locate where the customer has visited the site, displaying preferences, etc. A cookie is a piece of data that contains information about the customer which can be stored on the customer’s hard drive. This makes it better for us to track the activity of a recurrent customer on our website. Cookies are solely used to enhance and protect the customer's experience especially when it comes to security.


2.2 To make sure that we follow the correct EU regulations we do not hold or store any personal data, nor does any third party via the cookies we use.


3. Reviews


3.1 A review left for any of the services of The Odd Bod School of Mediumship & Academy may be used for promotion, marketing, enhancement of service acknowledgment. We agree that no personal information may be shared regarding a person’s review and none of this information will be stored.


3.2 We will use the first/second name only of any review left by a customer but no other information will be disclosed or used in any other way other than the statement of service and rating were given.


4. Copyright Policies


4.1 The Odd Bod School of Mediumship and all platforms related to this business and services provided are all copyright and protected by the trading name Danielle The Happy Medium © The Odd Bod School of Mediumship. Every page of the website/Youtube has a copyright mark at the bottom and is clearly stated. All rights are reserved. Any forms of distribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents or services including the name of the Odd Bod of School of Mediumship or Danielle The Happy Medium in any form are prohibited completely.


4.2 We may give some forms or written consent to allow some content to be used by a third party for marketing techniques but other than that written consent must be asked for, this is also prohibited.


5. Analysis/Tracking


5.1 I.P addresses may be used to track customer’s behavior find trends, website user pages, movement throughout the website and to gather broader demographic data. I.P addresses are not linked to any form of personal information.


5.2 Google Analytics is used in the background of this website to track behavior. This is to help enhance the service and look for improvements in how the website works. Google Analytics is used to track prices trends; sale trends etc. and can help us improve our usability. If you do not like the use of this with regards to our website, you can disable all cookies on your browser and continue to use the service. You are not required to use this service to use any forms of our platforms.

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