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The Happy Medium


The Odd Bod School Of Mediumship


It’s not your fault, nor is it the spirit world! Your development as a Medium is NOW and you are right where you need to be."


My name is Danielle, better known as "Danielle The Happy Medium."

  • I am a professional evidential Medium, internationally recognised.

  •  I work globally UK, Europe, America and Australia.

  • I hold a Diploma in Mediumship.

  • Awarded Certificates in Guides and Psychic Mediumship. 

  • Trained by the spirit world.

  • Author of - Freestyle Mediumship

The Odd Bod School Of Mediumship was created to assist students in their Mediumship Development​.

My biggest passion has always been to teach others, to find the tools necessary to become the best they can be.

Under my guidance and tuition students:

  • Expand their knowledge

  • Strengthen their link with the Spirit world

  • Gain self confidence in their own mediumistic abilities

  • They florist and are empowered to become their own unique medium







  • Small, friendly, secure classes of 8 students - for a more intimate setting, to allow students to have more time with myself, to allow more practice time and to gain confidence within their mediumship development.


  • Online via zoom - covering different time zones to suit international students.



  • Free student open circles - to further practice what we have learnt.

Sharing my knowledge and being as accessible to people as I can is important to me

I have launched a YouTube channel which I frequently post videos on. I cover many different topics of Mediumship Development, including live stream Q & A’s where I will answer questions.

Please also join me on Facebook and Instagram and stay up to date with new Courses, Classes Workshops and Mentoring.


I look forward to meeting and assisting you, on your journey as a medium.

Best wishes Danielle ❤